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Business Advisor - Accountant

Application Deadline: 9 January 2019

How to apply: Email with a maximum two-page CV/resume and one-page application letter with the subject line: Business Advisor - Accountant

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Start Date: As Soon As Possible

About the Company

Many East African SMEs are stuck in the “missing middle”, a financing gap for businesses who need between US 50k and 500k. iungo capital is an investment company that provides growth capital to such early stage and growing SMEs in Uganda. iungo capital invests in value addition businesses that are cash positive and highly scalable, operating in sectors such as agri-processing or light manufacturing. iungo capital leverages the resources, networks and expertise of local business angels who are invited to co-invest on a deal by deal basis and brings in the additionally required capital as lead investor, structured as short to mid-term mezzanine debt or quasi equity.

About the Position

iungo xl is iungo capital’s dedicated technical assistance arm, making sure the necessary non-financial support is also in place for the SMEs to become socially and environmentally sustainable businesses, examples in their communities. iungo xl customizes the necessary packages based on the needs of each company; not only post-investment, but also beforehand to get the SMEs to the point of being investment ready; focusing on finance, accounting, investment planning, strategy, governance, operations, supply chain management, HR, and ESG standards.

iungo capital and iungo xl are currently looking to grow their teams with a business advisor- accountant, based in Kampala, Uganda, who has a passion for being hands-on, on-site, and end-to-end involved with SMEs, to help them become investment ready, support the overall investment execution process, and/or posterior to assist them in maximizing growth, improving business performance and realizing their impact potential.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

We are looking for a professional who can take responsibility of some of the following tasks:

  • Problem identification and financial business needs assessment

    • Research and data collection through team meetings and consultations to understand the business needs, financial capacity gaps, risks and projections.

    • Conduct an audit of existing management accounts. As often the necessary information is not readily available, financial data will have to be cleaned or built up from scratch.

    • Document review and analysis of information such as financial status, expenditure structure, business flows, sales statistics, and other relevant data; identify respective gaps.

    • Develop a report as summary of all the gathered data and facts, including logical conclusions based on valid arguments.

  • Formulation of recommendations and subsequent implementation

    • Recommend and implement customized options to address financial/accounting system and reporting gaps: ranging from training and/or coaching the business’ team, monitoring the implementation of solutions, to taking responsibility of the respective execution of book keeping and accounting practices.

    • Develop corresponding and concise progress/financial reports.

  •  Investment execution:

    • Screen potential businesses for investment, based on various operational, financial, and ESG criteria.

    • Conduct in-depth credit appraisal analysis based on current assets and potential future income.

    • Create financial projection models for income, balance sheet and cash flow.

    • Conduct profitability analysis of overall business and business units.

Expected background & skills

  • A Master's degree in finance/accounting.

  • Hands-on experience with manufacturing companies will be considered a plus.

  • Knowledge and hands-on experience with the East African SME sector; specific understanding of the agribusinesses and/or (light) manufacturing sector in the region will be considered a plus.

  • Ability to work both independently and in a team, with self-driven attitude.

  • Abilities to establish a mixture of empathy, trust, confidentiality and straightforwardness, paramount to help the entrepreneur to see things more clearly from a different view-point.

  • Excellent feedback, interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Attention to detail; good numerical skills.

  • And finally, commitment and self-motivation are key to be part of an organization that takes skin in the game. You enjoy seeing the results and impact of your work, making a difference in the environment that surrounds you.


We offer a competitive salary and a challenging job in the impact investment sector, in an international and diverse environment, with a lot of responsibilities and opportunities to influence the development of our organization, contributing to sustainable change. We aspire a joint future in the long term.