business development Associate

Deadline: December 8, 2017

How to apply: Email with your CV/resume and brief email introducing yourself with the subject line: Business Development Associate

Location: Kampala, Uganda 

Start Date: January 2018

About the Company

The Global Livingston Institute (GLI) is a community-based research institute developing strategic partnerships in both East Africa and in the United States with a focus on education and social impact. Modeled after the Aspen Institute, GLI creates a place at the table for students and community leaders to discuss innovative complex solutions to poverty. The organization is divided into two core areas of focus: Education (Listen. Think.) and Social Impact (Act.).

The GLI currently takes nearly 200 students and community leaders to East Africa each year for university study abroad trips, high school trips, leadership conferences, youth summits, research internships, and a number of other events. The organization also employs 19 Ugandans full time to manage our East African operations.

The Global Livingston Institute has two campuses; one in the Muyenga District of Kampala in Central Uganda and our main research center in Kabale in Southern Uganda (Entusi Resort and Retreat Center). The GLI is also operating research projects in northern Uganda and has public health and education contacts throughout the country. The GLI selected Uganda and Rwanda as both countries are eager to engage in research, education and job creation opportunities. Since 2009, the GLI has developed extensive networks with the public, private and nonprofit communities in both countries.

About Our Partner Business-Staffable Africa

Staffable is a recruiting and training company based in Kampala, Uganda. Launched by the East African Social Impact Fund, LLC in June 2016 as a for-profit social impact compact designed to create a pipeline for employment and training opportunities.  In partnership with GLI, this strategic collaborative is engaging university partnerships to develop an innovative public-private sector approach to workforce development.  As a workforce accelerator and a leading provider of talent and training in the region, Staffable’s mission is to match local talent with employment opportunities aligned with an individual’s skills, knowledge and background. At its core, Staffable builds capacity in a socially impactful manner, focused on improving the lives of local communities. This model has created a pipeline of job seekers who, as a part of the Staffable database, are either paired with a current client, or contacted at a later point once an opportunity becomes available.

About the Position

The Business Development Associate is responsible for the strategic implementation and development of individual job placements and workforce training efforts for The Global Livingston Institute (GLI). This person will LISTEN to the communities where GLI works in order to THINK differently and bigger about community and international development. The Business Development Associate should ACT with local and global partners and collaborate with GLI staff to implement talent placement and workforce development training initiatives that place 250 – 500 Ugandans into the workforce in 2018.

Key Responsibilities:

The primary responsibility of the Business Development Associate is to identify and target key markets and industries where job growth, skill building, and knowledge acquisition are vital to Uganda’s economy and social impact. The Business Development Associate is responsible for developing local and global partners and customers through which The Global Livingston Institute and Staffable Africa, as well as any additional partners can provide affordable training and skill development workshops to Ugandans and East Africans alike. Tasks will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Developing a pipeline of opportunity for people to be trained and placed into the workforce. This includes thinking about with whom to solidify partnerships and contracts, how to qualitatively train and place talent into the workforce, and what technology needs are required to meet these outcomes;
  • Supporting the development of content and curriculum related to the trainings;
  • Managing all social media and communication efforts related to marketing and promoting the workforce readiness and development trainings;
  • Implementing evaluation and reporting tools related to the trainings conducted and learning outcomes for participants.

Apart from working with the Director of Workforce Development, the successful implementation of these events in East Africa will require this position to collaborate with GLI’s CEO, Executive Director, and Chief of Staff to ensure logistical success.

Key Qualifications and Skills

  • You are an innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial person.
  • You have a passion for international community development.
  • You have a background, experience or interest in workforce development, event management, and the world of social impact.
  • Within a business development role, you are skilled at building and delivering outstanding partnership relationships, delegating and communicating effectively with team members, and developing marketing and communications materials for public consumption.
  • You have extraordinary oral and written communication in English.

Three-to-five years’ experience in business development, marketing and communications, and program management. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent preferred.

Compensation commensurate with experience.