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Community health worker

Application Deadline: 16th October, 2017

How to apply: Email with your CV/resume and brief cover letter or email introducing yourself with the subject line: Community Health Worker

Location: Ndejje Health Center IV – Ndejje Central Zone, Uganda

Start Date: 30 October 2017

About the Company

mindfullwe envisions a world in which any person, anywhere can not only access adequate services, but also provide those same services to treat mental illness. Our hope is to empower local persons to be on the ‘front-line’ of community healthcare. We provide people what they need to recover from common mental disorders via a range of simple to complex treatments in a step by step fashion. As a Community Health Worker, you will play an essential role in offering ‘front-line’ mental health care while building and maintaining trust with our community.

About the Position

Your opportunity is to establish mindfullwe as a legitimate community mental health care provider.

As a Community Health Worker, you will play an essential role in offering ‘front-line’ mental health care while building and maintaining trust with our community. As a key contact, you will directly contribute to the success of mindfullwe’s pilot program

We are seeking someone who has equal parts curiosity, persistence, and vision. Someone who is willing to traverse new territory, assume authorship, and work towards a common WHY of mental health for all. We are seeking a highly motivated, committed, and inspired individual to provide community mental health care. You are driven by a set of values and can at the very least share an anecdote on how mutual aid, hope, courage, impact, and/or (self)-compassion play a significant part in your life. You will support patients directly and also work collaboratively with mindfullwe staff, primary health care workers, and a mental health specialist.

Key responsibilities

As the Community Health Worker, you provide direct current support to patients struggling with depression. You will engage in a several weeks long training, collaborate with primary health care workers and offer a stepped care approach to dealing with depression.

In particular, in this role you will:

  • Engage in a several weeks long training
    • Participate in a variety of exercises (lecture, group work, role play, & individual reflection) to acquire knowledge for application in real-life situations
  • Build and maintain rapport with primary health care workers
    • Build rapport with primary health care workers & integrate within Ndejje Health Center IV
    • Follow-up with clinicians about individual cases and progress of overall program
  • Screen patients who have symptoms of depression at general outpatient
    • Offer written or verbal informed consent to all abiding patients
    • Administer the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ 9)
    • Administer the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI)
  • Provide specific psychosocial treatments to patients; referring patients with complex or severe problems to a mental health specialist
    • Deliver accurate, responsive, and person-centered psychoeducation
    • Work with primary care clinicians and psychiatric clinical officers to administer antidepressant therapy
    • Correctly identify and support problem based areas via interpersonal psychotherapy
  • Facilitate follow-up and support adherence with medications, referring patients to other agencies for specific social problems
    • Deliver timely and responsive interventions for prompt follow-up
    • Implement effective strategies to address problems of adherence
    • Identify and liaise with other agencies
  • Maintain the required standards of documentation
    • Meet the clinical and safety standards of this program
  • Maintain consistent levels of professionalism, ardent work ethic, and communication

NOTE: This role will involve some travel surrounding Ndejje Heatlh Center IV to support patients who may have adherence challenges. This will take the form of home visits.

Who You Are

You are motivated by positive social change and flourish in collaborative environments.

Not only are you a great communicator, you are an excellent listener and have the ability to engage with a variety of different people. You are empathetic and have a knack for connecting with people in a nonjudgmental manner. You are easily able to relate to your audience and communicate in a manner that builds clarity and energy.

You are not afraid to bring up sensitive information and do so with sincerity and tact. You are patient, thorough, but also quick on your feet and are able to adapt to what the situation presents itself. In short, you can take a little and give a lot. You are able to balance a multitude of priorities and projects and can be relied upon to deliver quality results. You have the ability to adapt to changing situations, while maintaining continuity and direction.

 Key requirements and skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication
    • Bilingual in English and Luganda (Standard Language)
    • Training will be administered in English, so fluency is a must!
  • Confidence and experience applying theoretical/learned knowledge
  • Ideally looking for a college graduate in any field with no health background


Salary will be comparable to similar entry-level positions within the health sector. Salary will be 500,000 UGX per month for 7 months, with potential to extend, including a monthly transport stipend of 100,000 UGX, monthly airtime allowances of 60,000 UGX, and a monthly lunch allowance of 100,000 UGX.