Head of Customer Success

Application Deadline: 28 February 2018

How to apply: Email daphine@staffableafrica.com with your CV/resume and brief cover letter or email introducing yourself with the subject line: Head of Customer Success

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Start Date: As Soon As Possible

About the Company

Motorcycle taxis are immensely popular and serve as the lifeblood of many cities in Africa, but they are extremely unsafe and disorganized. SafeBoda is a Ugandan-based startup on a mission to make motorcycle taxis (bodas) more safe, affordable, and convenient across Sub-Saharan Africa-while providing a more meaningful and lucrative career for drivers. SafeBoda is well off to the races: we have nailed the driver-side model with 1000+ drivers and we are looking to better monetize our 20,000 trips in Kampala per day. We now are at over 15% week-on-week growth on our mobile app in terms of completed rides.  

About the Position

The Customer Success team is the face of SafeBoda, a supportive and reliable team providing day-to-day support to our customers. This involves coordinating with the Operations, Marketing, and Tech teams to fully understand the user experience and customers' needs. The team responsibilities include: 

  • Management of all incoming and outcoming support lines (phone and e-mail);
  • Customer support - real time troubleshooting of customer issues;
  • Data analysis e.g. identifying trends in caller data, understanding the frequent customer issues;
  • Customer outreach e.g. sharing new offers with customers;
  • Research e.g. carrying out customer surveys

We are looking for an experienced manager to head up this team.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

The Head of Customer Success will lead a small team of Customer Success Associates, supporting and motivating them to carry out daily tasks such as customer support and insight analysis. Other key responsibilities include:

  • Training the team to become experts in customer service - making them confident to quickly handle and diagnose customer issues.
  • Setting up and managing the tools and processes required for the Customer Success Team to perform their daily responsibilities (e.g., call trackers, customer complaint logs, and internal communication channels).
  • Reporting and analyzing customer call data to provide insights and solution-oriented feedback to senior stakeholders and other departments.
  • Working with the Head of Customer to provide ad-hoc marketing and customer research support.


  • Have at least four years professional experience, preferably in a customer or client-facing role.
  • Strong academic performance with at a minimum a completed Bachelor/Undergraduate degree with high grades.
  • Have experience managing and motivating a team.
  • Possess strong data analytical skills - be confident using Excel to collect, analyze and present sets of data. Be comfortable presenting to senior stakeholders.
  • Exhibit the ability to navigate ambiguity, juggle multiple tasks, think independently and problem-solve like a boss.
  • Have the confidence to pick up the phone to a customer and get them super excited about using SafeBoda. Be passionate about training your team to do the same.
  • Be a SafeBoda super-user - love the product and be a passionate believer in our mission to modernize and professionalize the boda industry in Kampala.
  • Live the SafeBoda values, represent the company in everything you do and constantly fly the flag.