We're trying to take a different approach to finding and training talent in the region. Staffable's mission is to become the leading provider of talent and training for East Africa’s new economy, building capacity in a socially impactful manner, focused on improving the lives of local communities.


Staffable is a recruiting and training company based in East Africa – a workforce accelerator – dedicated to finding clients the best talent available, and designing training programs and workshops to improve effectiveness of your employees and leadership, making them more successful on the job.



If you’re looking for great talent, Staffable offers dedicated search services to find your ideal candidate. When it comes to recruiting, we do things a little different - we think attitude, cultural fit and personality are critical. We test our candidates with case-based problems to assess their technical skills and expertise. Finally, we approach every position with a fresh search, we don’t rely on a database to fill the dynamic needs of your organization.

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Team & Leadership Workshops

Many great teams and leaders need to take time to continually get better. Staffable offers one-day and two-day workshops designed to improve the leadership skills within your organization, and increase cooperation and communication in your core teams. We’ll equip you and your teams with proven tools and techniques to get better.

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If you’d like to improve the knowledge and skill base of your employees, Staffable can design and conduct tailored training solutions. We use subject matter experts to teach courses in customer service, sales & business development, and other hard skills needed for your business.



We believe in complete fairness throughout our recruiting, vetting and placing process – ensuring a meritocracy for our candidates and clients.



We work with a sense of responsibility to our community, measuring ourselves on more than just profits.



We’re open and communicative, appreciate new ideas and feedback, we’re always seeking new ways to do things, and new people to do them with.


Staffable is uniquely partnered with a research and education focused non-profit organization, the Global Livingston Institute. The GLI supports Staffable in designing meaningful training curriculum, and measuring the impact of our work and our client’s work.

Staffable and the GLI have collaborated with our U.S. based Academic partners, including the University of Denver, to build content and curriculum for use in the Uganda workplace. 

To learn more about the Global Livingston Institute and our work together, click here.