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Project Coordinator

Application Deadline: 8 March 2019

How to apply: Email with your CV/resume and brief cover letter or e-mail introducing yourself with the subject line: Project Coordinator

Location: Kampala, Uganda

Start Date: As Soon As Possible

About the Company

World Food Bank (Uganda) is a for-profit company existing to “satisfy the nutritional needs of Ugandans”. It operates commercial farms and engages out-growers to produce grains for purchase, storage and sale. With 40% child stunting and high wasting, and the expected doubling of the population, increased quality food production is absolutely critical for Uganda. WFBU has a hub and spoke value chain model which engages small family farmers in crop production. With improved seeds and fertilizers, farmers can increase their yields, the amount of land being cultivated and the income coming from the production. With aflatoxin causing millions of carcinomas each year in Uganda, WFBU ensures it can test grains before processing and storing them. Using modern technology, equipment, and processes, WFBU is able to provide high yields on its commercial farms and within its out-growers network. “If it can be measured it can be improved”. Data collection and analysis is important to determining both strategy and tactics. Effectively managed agricultural projects within clear standards and guidelines produce increasing production and profits for both out-growers and WFBU. Managing complex and broken systems in projects to ensure they operate efficiently is where we will win.

Job Summary

The Project Coordinator reports to the President of World Food Bank Uganda and is responsible for supporting the President in developing and implementing projects, to coordinate and control all data, and provide administrative support. The President has a growing number of projects to manage and ensure the details and resources are managed efficiently and effectively. Laying out the projects and their needs and ensuring they are satisfied is critical to success. WFBU gathers data on projects, farmer groups and farmers, partners, staff and finance to permit analysis and decision making. This role is responsible for ensuring all data and training is current, and key learnings are identified. In order to make sure administrative needs in office and field both domestically and internationally are satisfied, administrative details must be completed effectively.

Key Roles & Responsibilities

Support WFBU operational strategy is being supported:

  • Support the President in coordinating the rolling out and training of databases and input processes. Ensure data is being collected and is the correct data required for management and M&E (social and financial).

  • Support the President in developing and executing project plans including ensuring reports are up-to-date and activities are being tracked and accomplished.

  • Support President on tactical, project and business planning.

  • Provide administrative support for WFBU President and WFB President. Includes arranging travel, meetings, transportation, correspondence and document creation. Word, Excel, Powerpoint required.

  • Manage the office infrastructure to ensure it functions properly including supplies and internet.

  • Coordinate and communicate the activities of staff to ensure alignment.

  • Input expenses and transactions into accounting system.

 Personal Team & Staff Development:

  • Identify personal development needs first within current job goals, and second within areas discussed and agreed for development and progression up through the organization.

  • Participate in WFBU team to cooperatively achieve the team goals.

  • Ensure staff and self-training programs are in place and implemented.

 Will carry out additional responsibilities and projects as assigned, including administrative and planning functions.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

This role requires 2-3 years of project management and systems input experience in similar industry. Preference is for agricultural background. Inquisitive, energetic, and willing to learn and implement new learnings. Able to manage within a highly undisciplined industry but able to bring order and systematic approach to building value chains and connecting the dots. Collaborative and enjoys working and building teams to get the job done. Calmly carrying out the roles and able to consider and execute multiple competing requests, but confident to set and communicate priorities even when not fully satisfying partners but always clearly communicating respectfully.

  • Preferably university undergraduate degree in relevant field.

  • 2-3 years’ work experience preferably in agricultural projects.

  • Experience and comfort in computer data input and general office software.

  • Effective coach, able to train people in policies and procedures formally and informally.

  • Able to clearly communicate and train on data input and solve related problems.

  • Excellent basic numerical and analytical skills.

  • Excellent leadership, communication and relationship-building skills; must lead through influence and establish effective working relationships within the organization, with external partners, agencies and leaders in the agricultural and government sectors.

  • Able to travel for extended periods in varying accommodation conditions to allow work with local farmer groups.

  • Flexibility on hours to contact people within wide time zone differences is required.

  • Demonstrated good judgment and diplomacy, particularly in different cultures.

  • Creates processes with greater efficiency in mind, eliminating bureaucracy wherever possible; · Able to make decisions within agreed limits.

  • Must be able to simultaneously manage multiple priorities and projects.

  • Must be cross-culturally sensitive as will work with associates from every area of the world.

  • Languages – English (Oral & Written); proficiency in Luganda and other regional dialects, a plus.